Incorporated in 1992, Amat & Vidal-Quadras is a boutique type law firm focused on providing added value legal advice on the basis of a permanent commitment to excellence, a practical approach and a personalized treatment to clients.

Commitment, integrity, honesty and passion are the values which define our firm.


With the client, and his challenges, concerns and matters. With formation and preparing each case. With our professionals, with their personal excellence and their competitiveness. With the legal and human quality of a team of people who dislike hierarchy and works seeking the best possible solution to each case.


In respecting demanding legal, ethic and moral standards which lawyers’ profession cannot disregard with the aim that in the end the role of justice led by Courts is also in line with the respect to said principles.


We will always put honesty ahead of reaching apparent results based on acts which omit it. We consider ourselves part of the role of administering justice and we acknowledge the fact that the genuine trust and loyalty with the client can only be achieved thru honesty.


We love the work we do. We are lawyers and we defend in all circumstances the clients’ fair interests. We believe that said commitment is not incompatible with the objectiveness which professional competence and continuous formation give, which is a key value to reach the goals that each client puts on each case.