9/03/2018 - Intellectual Property

The Commercial Courts of Barcelona issued a report on the result of the rapid action protocol applied at the Mobile World Congress

Autor: Ana Palao Bernabeu

The Commercial Courts of Barcelona issued a report on March 2, 2018 summarising the result of the protocol applied during the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona ​​from February 26 to March 1, 2018. The report explains the legal actions taken during the Congress in defence of the intellectual property rights of the participants and exhibitors. The report quantifies as well the preventives writs (protective letters) (22) filed, the seizure of description proceedings (3) and the preliminary injunctions (8) that were requested during that period in occasion of the Congress, what results in an increase of 40% of the cases entered in the Courts compared with the year before. The report highlights the efficacy and proper functioning of the judicial protocol applied in the Congress, taking into account the fast prosecution of the requested measures, what encourages the holders of intellectual property rights to relay on the effective defence of their IP rights. Next year 2019, an increase is to be expected in both, preventive writs and preliminary injunctions. Consequently, it says that it would be advisable to introduce improvements in certain aspects. Likewise, the creation of an Evaluation and Monitoring Committee of this judicial protocol is to be foreseen, in order to analyse and improve its implementation in cooperation with all the parties involved.