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Our aim is to cover our clients’ interests in all the legal dimensions involved, bearing in mind the essential nature of the interests to be protected.
From this paradigm, we classify the situations in the following categories:


Companies and other forms of association or partnerships, their capacity and actions during their legal life.

Legal Business and agreements

Legal relationships between persons with any content and in any business field created based on the parties’ intentions.

Equity and Real Estate

Ownership, management and other duties for all types of securities or assets.

Life Sciences

Activities related to the commercial development and exploitation of products and services within the scope of human and animal health.

Competition, advertising and intellectual property

Legally defined relationships due to the fact or for the fact of competition in the exchange of goods or services on the market

Compliance and data protection

Exoneration from or limitation of consequences in companies and other corporate structures or partnerships.

Tax and duties

We provide advice to companies and individuals on direct, indirect and international taxation. Assistance and management in tax proceedings.

Crisis and disputes

The legal situation and position of individuals or companies in difficulty. Legal dispute settlement, in or out of court.

Damages and liability

Personal injuries or material damages and their legal compensation and sanctioning consequences.

Innovation and technology

Activities that imply change and progress related to applying innovation and technologies in industry and the economy.



Work and employment

The relationships between persons in any kind of structure or organisation.